Monday, November 15, 2010

Crispin Porter + Bogusky - Winter 2011: All-Agency Internships

Work for CP + B! They pay in Whoppers.
Lots of places have interns that make copies; ours make originals. From Cogs plumbing uncharted depths of human motivation to developers creating new ways to use that box on your desk, CP+B interns don’t follow the crowd. We don’t even follow the crowd to New York - Boulder, CO and Miami, FL are more “our scene”. So whether you’re hiking your way up snow-topped mountains or shredding waves off white-sand beaches, you’ll be a member of the same team - a team of young professionals three steps ahead of the game.

Take a look at what previous interns have said about the experience, and maybe you’ll get a feel for the place.

"If advertising is a cow, this is the best teat ever." -Sherman Winfield, Summer 2010

“As an intern, the only person I fetched coffee for was myself; when you’re working 80 hours a week doing things that actually matter, it’s important to be highly caffeinated.” Emily Salas, Summer 2010

“The best thing about this internship was working side by side with people who are way more talented/ experienced than you. Now I’m just a phone call away from some of the world’s best, and at the end of the day they’ll probably buy you a beer.” - Thomas Schambach, Winter 2010

“Sometimes you burn your candle at both ends. Other times, you toss the entire thing into an inferno. But in a weird way, you’ll love it.” - Chance Heath, Winter 2010

“It’s like sneaking into the rhino enclosure at the zoo. It’s cramped, it’s dangerous, you can never stop running, people walk by and point at you, and the hours are ridiculous. But hey, if it’s what you really want to do…” -Jeff Hunter, Fall 2009

Choose from the following departments: Content Management (Account Services), Cultural and Business Insights (Account Planning), Message Planning and Analytics (Media), Production Solutions (Print Production, Traffic, Studio, Art Buying) Integrated Production-Video, Interactive Production, Interactive-Technical (Programmers, Developers, Quality Assurance), Interactive-Creative, or Creative.

TO APPLY: You must be at least a senior in your program (graduating on or before December 2011) or a recent graduate. Please submit a cover letter listing the top three departments and the office location (Boulder or Miami) you are interested in, resume, and portfolio or link.

NOTE: If you are applying for an internship in the Creative Department (including Interactive-Creative), please read the Creative Department Internships section.

Winter 2011
Miami: January 18- April 8
Boulder: January 25- April 15th

How To Apply

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