Friday, April 11, 2014

Sebastian Rusk launches SOCIAL MEDIA SUCKS book

Sebastian Rusk Releases "Social Media Sucks" Book (via PRWeb)

Sebastian Rusk shares his own journey of how he created a brand from nothing more than a flipcam, bus pass and social media. Rusk is the author of "Social Media Sucks! (If you don't know what you are doing.) Sebastian Rusk launches his first book 'More…


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Free LinkedIn Training Videos from LinkedIn Expert Jeff Zelaya


Free Linkedin Training Videos by Jeff Zelaya

These free LinkedIn training videos are a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn and designed for beginners. By watching these videos you will learn the basics of how to use the world’s largest professional network of professionals to find a job, build your business, close more deals and a lot more.

This LinkedIn training is completely free and available here or just click play on the video below. LinkedIn Training includes:

  5 Easy Steps to a LinkedIn All-Star Profile
  Social Selling 101
  LinkedIn for Beginners
  How to Fully Complete your LinkedIn Profile
  How to Export your LinkedIn Connections
  LinkedIn Chat with Evan Weber
  LinkedIn Chat with Yuhannes Watts

Jeff Zelaya is LinkedIn's Mot Recommended Under 30


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How does Music define the Miami Culture?


Music can define Miami’s culture in numerous ways..  The word culture has many different meanings , For most people it can  refer to an appreciation of good literature, music, art, & food  And For  Miami this word means the most. Miami is love , Miami is diversity , Miami is culture embracive. Miami is beautiful, Miami is freedom and for most .. Miami is that “long needed relaxation retreat! The city of Miami Florida possess the potential to hold most of these rare qualities in one place but most of all Miami is “ One Of a Kind” tying in the word culture with Miami is  like tying in peanut butter with jelly. Culture and Miami go hand and hand because we have an abundance of different cultures in one city as a hole. 
Music defines Miami’s culture because of our Miami natives,(Cuban ,black, Haitian, Puerto Ricans, Africans and travelers)  for example we have “Little Havana”(little Cuba) where a large  amount of American/Cuban Cubans reside , the area looks a lot like Cuba itself and for them music is what keeps this area alive. Music I’m sure is the main essential that keeps restaurant, boutique, cafĂ©, owners and other people inspired by their culture &; country, influencing them to continue striving to keep the feel alive , they even have a yearly celebration called  “calle Ocho (eight street ) where the entire city of Miami even broward County gets a chance to come out , show their flags and represent their country while enjoying many different types of food and music. 
Miami has several different cultures being influenced day by day  by their music as well as the music of many other cultures feeding the feel and vibration of Miami Florida , that makes Miami what it is today .. I’m sure as a Miami Native if we can give thanks to music itself for effort and influence it has done for our cultures , homes ,friend , families  and accomplishments today , We would .. Music you are Life , Music you are Loved.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Content & Social Media Marketer for Pure Breed Breeders


Are you a savvy writer? Are you capable of editing content on the fly with perfection? Are you a social media specialist? Well should these characteristics be a match, continue reading...

We are looking for a social media expert who will be responsible for writing content for multiple websites, blogs, engage and manage multiple social media profiles. This position requires ability to provide key oversight for multiple social persona and content review from multiple writers. Qualified candidates must be able to bring a laser-like focus to their work, as this job has a narrower scope than many marketing writing/editing gigs. Should you possess the speed and efficiency to manage multiple projects on a tight timeline, you will be highly sought after. As a member of our team you will be expected to create, edit, & manage multiple pieces of content as well as update and manage multiple social media profiles on a consistent schedule. Move through thousands of words a day.

Our work environment is fast-paced, and all edits are made on computer screens instead of being chiseled into stone tablets. The role is a full-time, in-house position at our office in West Fort Lauderdale. Below we have specified what we are looking for in prospective candidates along with expected duties/requirements and yes, compensation.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience in Marketing with focus on content creation and management (Students pursuing a degree in English or Journalism are welcome to apply)
  2. Experience in an Agency environment a plus
  3. Must have a writing and editing background, copy editing experience (preferred)
  4. Experience managing projects in a related industry
  5. Conceptualize, research, and write blog posts and articles
  6. Input content into Wordpress, Blogger, Web 2.0 publishing platforms
  7. Promote engagement and social sharing
  8. Handle basic SEO optimization, and distribution of content
  9. A detail-oriented, creative problem solver who can make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment
  10. Skill in identifying big-picture problems and ability to discern the details to solve them
  11. A supernatural amount of energy to work with a rapidly growing company

  1. Ability to research, write, and edit text that expresses compassion & knowledge in understandable terms of various styles/lengths for various purposes under very tight deadlines.
  2. Have knowledge & experience with emerging media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, etc.
  3. Working knowledge of multiple Blog and Web 2.0 platforms, i.e. Blogspot, Hubpages, TypePad, Slideshare, SquareSpaces etc.
  4. Experience with Content Management Systems, including Joomla, WordPress, or Custom CMS.
  5. Knowledge of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction and formatting styles. Keen attention to detail.
  6. Experienced with web page content layout and in applying aesthetic sense to web design (Not Designing).


This is a Full-Time, direct hire, in-office position. We are ONLY accepting applicants from the South Florida Region. Are you the one? Apply Today!
  • We offer a VERY COMPETITIVE salary
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance coverage.
  • Retirement plan with company match
  • Paid Vacation, Sick, and Holiday time
  • A Fun Laid back environment
  • and....a challenging innovative career path


We are a successful 7 year old B2C company, which currently employs over 100 employees with a cutting-edge, friendly, relaxed, flexible, fun, fast-paced, intellectually challenging, and hard-working culture. Our office environment intentionally has a professional but casual and non-corporate feel with family morals. We are forward thinking and very serious about keeping a culture that everyone enjoys and can thrive in.

Don't let this great opportunity to work with a dynamic and energetic group of individuals pass you by, please apply now!


Send your cover letter and resume to


Hiring an Account Executive for MindShare

I am a recent FIU grad and just began working as an Account Executive for Mindshare, a global media and marketing services company. We are currently looking for another Account Executive as the company continues to expand. If you can please pass this email along to any of your past and/or current students, I would greatly appreciate it.
If anyone is interested please have them send me their resume to
Below is the job description:
 Description: cid:image004.png@01CE8713.343D3D00
 Position:    Account Executive/Media Buyer   
Company: Mindshare Miami – Regional Media Planning & Buying Agency for Latin America.
Proposed Position:  Media Account Executive
Position Requirements:
·         Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a concentration in advertising, marketing, business administration and/or communications.
·         A basic understanding of media tools and techniques, communication channels, media strategy, development and planning process, media buying/negotiation within guidelines.
·         Strong verbal and written communication skills.
·         Proficient in Microsoft Excel as well as other Microsoft applications.
·         Detail oriented and excellent follow through capabilities.
·         Ability to multi-task, work successfully with teams and work under pressure.
·         Bilingual, English and Spanish is a requirement.

Job Responsibilities:
·         Day to day contact with Network representatives to ensure that media buys are executed as purchased.
·         Work with Supervisor to develop budget allocations across media mix scenarios.
·         Liaison between Networks and clients.
·         Create and monitor media buys from beginning to end to ensure objectives have been met.
·         Ensure client billing is correct by approving invoices and reconciling discrepancies.
·         Work in continuous communication with the Media Account Managers to optimize administrative processes.
·         Undertaking basic negotiation under the supervision of Account Supervisor, Account Manager and Account Director.
·         Assist the team with creative material implementation: traffic control, material shipment and delivery of traffic instructions to the networks.
·         Collecting, interpreting and formatting information relating to client business, brand consumers and competitive marketplace e.g. IBOPE, TGI etc.

Thank you for your help!


Alejandra Sanchez 
Account Executive
601 Brickell Key Drive Suite 902 Miami Florida 33131 USA