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LinkedIn University for Job Seekers and 

Recent College Graduates

Miami LinkedIn Expert Jeff ZelayaYou're invited to experience a free LinkedIn webinar replay that will help you get the dream job or internship you've been wanting. In this free LinkedIn training course taught my local LinkedIn expert Jeff Zelaya you'll learn the following: 

  • Discover how to find the internship and career opportunities that aren't blatantly advertised 
  • Learn how to create a strategy that helps you land a dream career and not just another job 
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to network with former colleagues, head hunters and recruiters 
  • Learn what you must add on your LinkedIn profile when you are in between jobs 
  • Find out how to get recruiters and decision makers to call you 
  • Learn how to differntate youself from other candiadates to stand out in a powerful way

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