Friday, January 28, 2011

Unique Facebook Contest Delivers Amazing Results

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 28, 2011 – In three days the winner of the Nerds Support Appreciation Month contest will be announced. On January 11th Nerds Support launched their Facebook Fan Appreciation Month. This month has been a part of larger overall company goal to become more relevant in their community through giving back and promoting non-profits. Nerds Support has been doing this by each month selecting one of their clients as the client of the month and then asking the client which non-profit they would like to have Nerds Support make a donation to on their behalf. They then promote the charity by sending information to hundreds of subscribers of their Nerds Support newsletter.

In January, Nerds Support set off to take this same concept to all its fans and wanted to get them engaged in this journey of philanthropy so they launched a friendly competition on Facebook. In order to get increased engagement from Nerd Support fans we asked the question. “What is your favorite charity?” Fans that responded and gave their input would be entered into the contest. The rules to the contest were very simple. First, you become a Fan of Nerds Support ( Second, you post your favorite charity on the wall and then suggest to your friends to “Like” the post. In order for your friends to do this then they would also have to be a fan of the Nerds Support page. Everyone is allowed to post only once a day and once a week the “Likes” are tallied and an update given on the Nerds Support page. The Nerds Support Fan Appreciation competition will be running until the end of January. At that time a final tally will be made and the two winning charities plus the two winning individuals will be announced.

From January 11 to January 28th the Nerds Support fan pages has experienced a 1,027% increase of New Likes, 93% increase in post views and 2,627% increase in post feedback. “This is unprecedented growth and the best part about it is that we are impacting our community as a result of this” shares Nerds Support Marketing Manager, Jeff Zelaya.

Owner of Nerds Support, Scott Richman says “The feedback from clients and the non profits has all been positive. Some of the non profits that we’ve made donations to have been the South Florida Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in November and 4Kids of South Florida in December.”

As a result of this competition the traffic to their main website has spiked and they have now even created a community involvement pages that fans can continue to keep track of Nerds Support’s “Journey of Philanthropy” project. Scott Richman emphasizes that “Originally the main goal of this competition wasn’t to increase our Facebook fans but it was to raise awareness for the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. The results of this campaign have proven that there could be winners on all sides. The client wins, the community wins and the company wins”.

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