Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't Live a Life of Regrets by Cliff Townsend

How manytimes have we heard that statement, “If Only”? If only I had done this or, If only I had done that?
We have all said those words at some point in our lives, the difference is some people are constantly living in a world of “If Only”; they live a life of constant regrets.
This kind of mindset doesn’t just  develop in adult hood it has been a constant pattern throughout a person’s life.
The young kid in Elementary School says, when I get to Middle School life will be great.  The Middle School student says I can’t wait to get to High School. The High School student says when I get to college how great life will be. The College student says when I graduate finally gets a job, find a partner, and get my own apartment I’ll finally be happy. The young couple says, when we get that promotion, and we’re able to buy our own home, how grand life will be. The young parents says, as soon as the kids go off to college, and we finally have the house back to ourselves we will finally have an opportunity to really enjoy life. The grand parents says, as soon as we retire we will have an opportunity to do all the things that we never did.
At some point in all our lives we have put off doing something until…The politician says when the campaign is over. The athlete says once this season is over. The farmer says once the crops come in. The school teacher says as soon as school’s out.
On their departure from this life they will look back and say “IF ONLY”. If only I could do it all over again.  I would have enjoyed my high school days more. I wouldn’t have taken that job for the money, instead I would have pursued my passion, and I would have chased my dreams. I wouldn’t have rushed into marriage. I wouldn’t have waited until the house got paid off.  
If only I could do it all over again. I would have smiled more, love more people, forgave more. I would have travel to exotic places, met interesting people. Taken better care of myself, exercised more, drank less, and I would have taken more risk instead of dying with my dreams still inside of me. This is my request to you. Do not leave your dreams inside of you; give them life while you can. Regret as little as possible when you exit this journey.

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