Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Sale Anything to Anyone by Cliff Townsend


We are all in sales whether it's selling ourselves to attract a new partner.  Whether we are selling our children on our ideals, selling ourselves to a prospective employer or employee, or whether we sell products or services as a living. Most people do not understand that they are in sales every day of their lives, and they think of sales as a four letter word.  That is why I have put together a few strategies that will improve your sales skills.

(1) Be Self  Driven...The best salespeople have the best work ethics,They  put in more time than the average.  They make more calls, make better use of their time, they wake up earlier, and their energy level is higher than most.

(2) Stay Positive... Your attitude will determine how far you will go in any endeavour.  A positive mindset is your secret  weapon.  There are times when you will get down, learn ways to bring yourself  back up.    

(3) Always Be Honest...Never  ever compromise your integrity. People will do business with you, because they like and most importantly trust you.

(4)Have Product Knowledge...It's  not enough to  just know your product, you must also be  very knowledgable on your competitors product or services, therefore you are able to point out differences. What makes you or your product unique?

 (5) Learn To Listen...If  you listen your client will always tell you what they want, but only if you're listening.  To let your clients know that you are listening, every now and then repeat what they tell you, especially the important things, phrase it like this " so what I hear you saying is that xyz is important to you"

 (6) Needs Analysis... Most salespeople sell the clients what they want instead of what they need, the client doesn't always know what's best, for them that's why they came to you. You are the expert, so be the expert. Do a proper needs analysis, and based on that offer them the services that best fit their needs, if they choose to do otherwise at least you have done the right thing.

  (7) Develop A Mindset For Self Improvement...The  best salespeople in any business or profession develop a thirst for developing their mindset.  Being the best  you- that you can become is a continuous journey that never ends.  If you are serious about being the best that you can possibly be in any area of your life, you must continue learning. Read books, go to seminars, take courses, get coaching, invest in yourself.



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