Saturday, March 31, 2012

Media8 is Hiring An Account Executive


Account Executive
Reports to: Account Manager

The AE provides assistance to the AM in the day-to-day management of accounts and develops the skills necessary to
The AE will usually take assignments from the client, working with them to create a creative brief for the creative
department. The AE will also assist in handling budgets, pitches, timing of jobs (in conjunction with PM) and the day to
day running of the account.
The account executive interfaces with various agency departments to move projects through on behalf of the client.
This includes meeting with the creative director concerning creative issues and input, the media director concerning
media issues, the public relations director concerning publicity, and the production manager concerning scheduling and
 Handles day-to-day activities for assigned clients.
 Keeps apprised of progress of clients’ projects through project managers.
 Receives client briefings. Fills out Client Contact Reports for all client meetings and distributes to appropriate
agency personnel. Quickly and accurately relays Client Change Orders to all appropriate agency personnel.
 Effectively presents, sells and defends all agency work/proposals to clients; supports other client service team
members in these functions.
 Keeps apprised of clients’ brands/products/services/marketing developments.
 Assists in preparing client invoices, proposals, marketing communications and strategic marketing plans, media
and public relations plans.
 Regularly checks for and responds promptly to all client communications, including calls, faxes and emails.
 Oversees execution of approved programs.
 Checks and approves creative/production materials, copy, layouts, and production art, and coordinates client
approval of same.
 Gathers and assembles background information and analyses as needed by account manager in development of
briefs, etc
 Provides input in planning stages as requested by account mgr or production manager. Assists in mailings,
processing final copy, agendas, conference reports, proposals, correspondence and other materials related to
account service (except billing, production quotes/purchase orders, media plans), and preparing the above for
client presentations.
 Handles paperwork and maintains digital and hard copy files on all client activities, their competitors and their
industries; maintains client correspondence file, approvals, copy, forms/documents, supplies for daily processing
and tracking of account service work, etc.
 Maintains client reference notebooks and/or digital archives for all assigned accounts, detailing past work and
work-in-progress, and all pertinent information needed for accurate proofreading and meeting of client
 Takes minutes at meetings, prepares and distributes contact reports (call reports), etc.
 Makes sure all media and projects proceed according to plan and deadlines, drawing attention of account
executives to potential problems before they occur.
 Proofreads copy, artwork, agency and printers’ proofs as requested; sees that all work completes the standard
agency approval process before being reviewed by clients or turned over to suppliers.

If interested, please email cover letter and resume to

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