Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How does Music define the Miami Culture?


Music can define Miami’s culture in numerous ways..  The word culture has many different meanings , For most people it can  refer to an appreciation of good literature, music, art, & food  And For  Miami this word means the most. Miami is love , Miami is diversity , Miami is culture embracive. Miami is beautiful, Miami is freedom and for most .. Miami is that “long needed relaxation retreat! The city of Miami Florida possess the potential to hold most of these rare qualities in one place but most of all Miami is “ One Of a Kind” tying in the word culture with Miami is  like tying in peanut butter with jelly. Culture and Miami go hand and hand because we have an abundance of different cultures in one city as a hole. 
Music defines Miami’s culture because of our Miami natives,(Cuban ,black, Haitian, Puerto Ricans, Africans and travelers)  for example we have “Little Havana”(little Cuba) where a large  amount of American/Cuban Cubans reside , the area looks a lot like Cuba itself and for them music is what keeps this area alive. Music I’m sure is the main essential that keeps restaurant, boutique, café, owners and other people inspired by their culture &; country, influencing them to continue striving to keep the feel alive , they even have a yearly celebration called  “calle Ocho (eight street ) where the entire city of Miami even broward County gets a chance to come out , show their flags and represent their country while enjoying many different types of food and music. 
Miami has several different cultures being influenced day by day  by their music as well as the music of many other cultures feeding the feel and vibration of Miami Florida , that makes Miami what it is today .. I’m sure as a Miami Native if we can give thanks to music itself for effort and influence it has done for our cultures , homes ,friend , families  and accomplishments today , We would .. Music you are Life , Music you are Loved.


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